sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

ALASKA: Temperature, clothes and activities...!!

ALASKA: Temperature, clothes and activities...!!
It's interesting... watch it... I like Alaska is a place
quiet but a little warning for its weather...


It's cool and humid all years.
      It's about 18ºC/-13ºC in winter.
It's raining now but normally
It's clear and snowing.


You should wear a:
               - thermals pants. 
        -thick socks.
You  shouldn't wear a:

- skirt.

- Skiing.




Jorge: Are you packing for your trip, Jorgelis?
Jorgelis: Yes... See? I have,jacket, thermals 
pants, gloves,scarves and thick socks. 
Jorge: For Alaska?
Jorgelis: Yes... It's cool and humid.
Jorge: mmm... That's ok.

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By: Jorge Nava


This is a movie, very important for the people that Think 
that the life is very hard and don't want live...
Watch it. Is Important and for reflection...


I like this movie because has a intense teaching...
This is my favorite peace:

"The road is long
There are mountains in our way
But we climb a step every day"
The life has ups and downs but it is beautiful ... not everything 
in life is win easily, there are many steps to climb ... 
many obstacles to overcome and
of them get new wealths.
there is a reality to know and a beautiful world
that we to travel ...
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By: Jorge Nava

sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

Poem for my Dad

This is a poem for my father...

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By: Jorge Nava.

What places are near or far in the map?? and Directions!!!

 hello friends, I drew my house ... there are Directions.


1- My House is between a Ground and Museum Gabriel Bracho.

2- My house is between seventh and Eighth Street.

3- The Miranda Square is on Second Avenue.

4- The museum Gabriel Bracho is next to of  Home.

5- The History House is Between Eighth and Ninth Street. 
The History House is in front of the Miranda Square.

6- The transport water Station is on First Avenue.
The transport water Station is Between Embankment
and Institution Mirandina.

7- The Store is across from transport water Station.
8- The History House is on the corner of ninth Street.
9- The restaurant is on the corner of seventh Street.

10- From Miranda Square walk two blocks, turn left 
and walk up to restaurant.

11- The ground is in the middle of the block.

Near or far?

1- Home is Near of the Museum Gabriel Bracho.

2- The Restaurant is far of the embankment.

3- The Palafittes are near of the embankment and Near there 
is the transport water Station.

4- The Bank is near of the Miranda Square 
and Near there is the History House.

5- The Institution is near of the Transport water Station.

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By: Jorge Nava.

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

The comparation about these two cities.

These are Comparation between two great cities, the New York city and Maracaibo city. 
watch it is interesting..

  New York, United States.

When people think about United State, they imagine in New York, the lights, the beautiful places, the malls, the restaurants, the weather. Is a of the cities of the more visits...

New York has a comfortable weather (22ºC in summer and 17ºC in winter).

  The Housing is comfortable in New York. Also,  New York has older neighborhoods are very beautiful and has great Hotels, beautiful Streets and great place where you can share with your family and friends... the parks, the square and more. New York has beautiful scenery.

Minuses: New York has many Pollution and has crime... because there are a great populations.

 Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Why live in Maracaibo? Here are good reasons.

The city: Maracaibo is a unic city for Its population that are very outgoing and friendly.
Maracaibo Has great malls, super market, squares, and more...
Its weather is(29ºC). Its population is of 1.895.655people.

The food: Maracaibo is famous mainly in the dish Pabellon.

Minuses: This small city has a large population. Maracaibo 
Has traffic a lot, is expensive, there is crime.

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By: Jorge Nava.